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Just seen a cunt put a colour on instagram and and explained terribly how that colour represents their current state of mind and tried to put themselves across as this deep and stricken soul.

And these people want to be taken seriously.

I can’t wait until the referendum vote is over so that I don’t need to see people forcing their flimsy and non educated opinions down other peoples throat.

oh no wait, i absolutely will. for years to come. regardless of the outcome.

you’re all cunts.

If you haven’t yet listened to Up River, you fucked up.

Royal Blood sold out in a minute.

Geez a fuckin break.

Everyone commenting on these celebrity nude leaks are all just finding ways to be pretentiously ‘angry’ at a viral trend and immediately start making it about themselves and create some self righteous reflection of their own personality.

It’s painfully obvious that people are even asking themselves anonymous questions about it in order to seemingly justify spreading their stupid, pointless and empty opinion. Because random Tumblr user #38148 is obviously super interested in what random tumblr user #81716 is thinking. Give me a fucking break.

Go have a wank, or dont. Free world. Except where’s there’s wars and stuff but thats not what’s important, or ever important.

You’re all fucking sheep.

If everyone turned off their electronics and music you could probably hear the sound of a thousand men masturbating in unity.