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Pokemon games are great fun, but it’s always the same isn’t it.

Here’s a cute wee mutant dog/cat/frog it’ll turn into a ninja or a tree eventually, go beat every gym in the mean time it’ll be heavy fun.

I want a new version, where I play as team rocket, and it’s my destiny to catch as many Zubats as I fucking can. Zubats for days, and ratata’s coming out my arse only for one wee bold, OP cunt to beat the fuck out my pathetic, insignificant nameless self.

Give me that game.

Danny Leal hasn’t updated his Twitter in two months and when he does, its about a sketchy car and that he thinks someone is in his house and now I’m supposed to believe he’s missing when the band and exclusively metal based websites are the only people saying he’s missing, and NOT asking for help or if anyone has seen him?

My arse.

This new music video is going to start with some hooded ass hole pulling him out of a car. Crucify me.

Danny Leal is not missing.

Viral marketing.

If I could time travel back 4 years and live like that forever yeah that’d be great.